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Orphanage Uganda

CARE FOR ORPHANS AND THE NEEDY is a hand of love under the
Apostolic and Prophetic Finish Ministry fully registered with the government. We maintain 3 homes on 3 locations in Uganda.

Pastor David Kyakulaga presents the orphanage uganda project.

About Orphanage Uganda

We are there for needy and orphans with love, joy and compassion

Our heart is full with love of Jesus Christ. He empowers us to help so many poor children in desperate need. Please help us to help.

We Can't Help Everyone, but Everyone can help someone

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CARE FOR ORPHANS AND THE NEEDY is a hand of love under the Apostolic and Prophetic Finish Ministry fully registered with the government and is driven by a purpose to support vulnerable children, the needy, to share and enjoy opportunities in life predestined for them in God’s plan and enable them to exploit their potential i.e.; their gifts and talents by providing food, school fees, shelter, basic needs, medical services, moral values through God's word and parental love. 

It was initiated by P's. David and Agnes, after seeing the great need when orphans and poor children were coming to them for help since they are pastors and leaders. However, this is how it was birthed as a combined force to redeem the destitute children and needy in our community.

Due to financial constraints, the organization has been able to enroll orphans and deprived children and widows in 3 centres in Iganga, Jagusi island in Lake Victoria and Kirinya composed of boys and girls and we support these orphans and needy children in different homes based with families in collaboration with Guardians.


  • For the period we have lived in this area for 25 years now. So far we have observed and got to know situations where children enjoying their human rights got denied, also cases of child abuse have been reported to local authorities, probation offices and police.
  • Due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic many children have been left as orphans after one parent or both died from this epidemic.
  • So many of the orphans and needy children have been left without care and got defiled in families, schools and in the community.
  • The girls have been forced to get married at an early age and this results into abortion, death during child birth and frustrations due to unplanned marriage.
  • These orphans and poor children have been denied access to education and basic needs and consequently result to street life, prostitution, robbery, drug abuse and more.  This has produced notorious, immoral citizens and unfulfilled Christian morals in our community.
  • Almost all of these orphans and needy children are subject to these dilemmas and the destitute are unable to support and defend themselves, where no one takes care and makes the children prey to every circumstance in life.
  • The cultural factor where by polygamy is common in most families in this area has led to production of excess unplanned children that cannot be satisfied and sustained by the family economic status. So we feel a passion not to maintain the status quo but to be involved in the struggle to rescue the disadvantaged orphans and needy children not in isolation but in partnership with other organizations, donors and churches.


These are Nursery and Primary Schools which were opened due to the enormous demand which was stated in this area. These schools help the orphans and the needy to access education. Currently the schools are from nursery level to primary and they are just supported by church members who feel the burden to educate children and people and others, like you who have come up to side with us to make a difference in the community and advance the kingdom of God.

Right now we have one permanent structure of 4 classrooms in Kirinya center yet those 4 classrooms are not enough at the moment.

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Our locations

4 Main centers

Pure Water

We need good water, so that the children do not get sick so easily.


Every month it is a battle for food. We desperately need people who support us on a regularly basis to provide food.


We need to sustain and build up homes in all three locations to protect the children at night.


Our wish is to get children access to education, so that they can build up a life and future. Please help us to do so.


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Pure Water

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One Meal a day

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In gods grace we live and help.

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